Why Is Lighting Important For Your Wedding?

Why Is Lighting Important For Your Wedding?

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When the time comes for you to marry the love of your life, you want your big day to be filled with lights. Just as your partner lights up your world, you must light up your wedding. Lighting is an essential element as it sets the mood for your very special day. Just like in films and photography, lighting changes the aesthetic of everything you see in your venue. Whether it’s the decor, the cake, or even your facial features, lighting can make a difference in highlighting these special elements. Not only does it emphasize these things, but it allows your photographer to capture a lovely wedding photo for you to remember for life. Therefore, keep in mind that wedding lighting is just as important as choosing the best wedding cake.

Setting the Mood

There are different types of lights used in weddings. A combination of them sets the mood by creating different atmospheres and tones based on what light is projecting. For instance, certain lighting can create a feeling of warmth, romance, femininity, feeling of playfulness, and drama among others.

Here are some examples of lighting terms you might encounter and a brief guide on what they are:

  • Color Wash – A lighting technique used to “wash” a room with a specific color or any color combination, usually used with other lighting techniques to create the desired mood.
  • Gobo Lighting – Also called the gobo projection, this light creates an image or a pattern on a wall or other surface.
  • Led Light – A type of bulb that emits more vibrant colors than the traditional bulb
  • Pendants – Soft, diffused lights that are suspended from the ceiling and usually feature a glass shade.
  • Pinspot – A narrow-beamed light that creates dramatic shadows and used to illuminate important elements.
  • Spotlight – Another narrow-beamed light that highlights one particular place or object.
  • String lights – Cost-effective lights that are composed of connected, small bubs and are often hung up in outdoor wedding venues.
  • Texture Lighting – Similar to gobo lights but preset patterns like a starry night sky.

Safety for You and Your Guests

Without a doubt, a venue with little or too much lighting is a safety hazard for everyone. You wouldn’t want you or your guests tripping because of too much or too little lighting. The lights can guide you to places where you need to be. Most importantly, good lighting in aisles is a must. Not only does it make you and your partner the centerpiece of the wedding, but it also ensures that you’re walking down the aisle safely and easily.

Aesthetically Memorable Photos

Your photographer would need proper lighting to capture your very special day. Because wedding lighting should be consistent, picking the right lights will make it easier to take unforgettable photos. Whether it’s your photographer or your guests, proper lights will definitely forever capture the beauty and the love you and your partner share in a photo.


Before you and your partner say your “I do’s”, let there be light for everyone’s sake. Not only can lights make your wedding’s atmosphere better, but it assures safety. With the right lighting, your wedding will truly be a time for you to visually remember for life.

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