Making the World a Better Place One Party at a Time

Bride posing with her wedding guests.

Our Story

Hi, I’m Walter McClellan, C.E.O. and Founder of Toast Entertainment. That is me in the chicken hat in the back photo bombing the bridal party. I founded Toast Entertainment in 2010 with a dream and a Myspace page.

I first received Toast Entertainment inspiration from my best friend's mother, Mrs. Nan Carter. Before we lost Nan to breast cancer, she was a very talented wedding photographer who referred me to one of her clients needing a Wedding DJ.

I worked my first wedding and was hooked for life. I realized that my job was not just a job; it was the most meaningful professional experience I ever had.
With weddings, I had the power to help make someone's dreams come true. And that was a feeling I had never experienced before. Everything else was secondary.

It's not the impact of serving in our military, being a first responder, or a teacher. That is why we give discounts to all those incredible people who do, but for me, helping our clients have the most fantastic day of their lives and cultivating and sharing that experience of pure happiness is the best honor I could ever hope for.

Mrs. Nan Carter holding a camera in front of her face.

Our Mission

Our mission at Toast Entertainment is: How can we help? It sounds simple and basic, but the basis for everything we do at Toast Entertainment is through the lens of how we can be the most helpful.

We ask ourselves that with every decision and action that we make. How can we help?

From our transparent pricing, streamlined planning, rapid response concierge service available seven days per week, advanced online planning tools, and contingencies for all emergencies, Our entire model is built to make things easier, of higher quality, and at the most competitive rates in the industry. We help our clients save money and time while creating and capturing unforgettable moments.

Our Future

At Toast Entertainment, we have taken our mantra of How can I help beyond how we treat our clients, guests, other vendors, and staff to how we can help society in small ways.

So, every month, we ask ourselves how we can help make the world better.

We then donate some of our monthly proceeds and time to different causes our staff chooses that are important to them, such as breast cancer research, Toys for Tots, clearing teachers' shopping lists, domestic violence, suicide prevention, and rural animal shelters.

This is Toast's way of making the world a better place one party at a time.