Wedding DJ In Houston: Top 5 Misconceptions Debunked

Wedding DJ In Houston: Top 5 Misconceptions Debunked

By Toast Entertainment | January 12th, 2023 | Categories: Wedding | 0 Comments


It makes sense that you’d want to choose the best DJ while searching for one for a big event like your wedding. However, there are a lot of factors to take into account when hiring a wedding DJ in Houston. Here are five misconceptions about wedding DJs debunked.

I Have to Make a Playlist for My DJ

While you can create a ‘must-play’ list of music, a talented wedding DJ will keep the dance floor busy all night long and might even elevate your celebration! To decide what music to play next, your DJ should be able to gauge the mood of the crowd. Your guests will have fun as they use both your suggestions and their discretion to guide their song selections. Once the party starts, your DJ ought to be completely capable of taking charge.

A DJ Just Shows Up and Plays Some Music

Even while you do pay a DJ to turn up and play music at a wedding, that is only a fraction of what they are responsible for. A good wedding DJ in Houston facilitates guest direction all night long. All official announcements should be courteously handled by your DJ. To ensure that your reception runs as smoothly as possible, they are also in charge of coordinating with vendors late at night. Being the host and emcee for the evening is one of the DJ’s primary duties. How smoothly your wedding party goes will directly depend on how much experience your DJ has. Good DJ/MC services ensure everyone has a great time with the raving music and professional emcees to keep you and your guests entertained.

My DJ Should Not Accept Requests

Even if the dancing music preferences of your wedding guests are the worst, you should still let your DJ take suggestions. A DJ uses requests to decide the music that guests would enjoy dancing to throughout the evening. It will encourage interaction and make visitors feel a part of your big occasion. You can always express your adamance to your DJ regarding songs or genres that are not to be played on your special night, though. Make sure to inform your DJ and compile a list.

You Can Have Either a Band or a DJ, But Not Both

A DJ and a band together could appear excessive. Nevertheless, they complement each other quite nicely. The DJ’s duties extend beyond only playing music, as was stated previously. Therefore, your DJ may still plan the entire reception as the band plays! The dancing need not cease when the band stops playing, either. Your DJ can take charge of the dance floor and ensure that your guests are amused the entire evening. The DJ also gives visitors a chance to hear songs that the band might not be able to perform. Additionally, this will increase the variety of your reception.

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