Wedding Day Tips: A Guide To Prepare For Your Big Day

Wedding Day Tips: A Guide To Prepare For Your Big Day

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As one of the most monumental days of your life, your wedding day should ideally be exciting and stress-free down to the last moment. But the reality is often far different from expectations, with so much to do, so little time, and a whirlwind of emotions throwing things out of whack. With the right planning, however, it is possible to have a calm and anxiety-free day. Here are some handy wedding day tips that can help you savor every moment of your big day and make great memories.

Remember to Eat and Stay Hydrated

Due to over-excitement and poor planning, wedding couples at times go hungry. Eating before the long day will help keep your energy balanced to power through the event. A layered breakfast is a great idea, but if your nerves are all over the place, keeping snacks on hand can also help. Have easy-to-grab foods like muffins, fruits, or pastries conveniently placed within reach. Avoid greasy foods or anything that can make you gassy on your big day. Remember to stay well hydrated to avoid dry mouth and also to balance out the bottles of champagne.

Have a Realistic and Practical Get-Ready Timeline

Will you prepare for the event at a location close to the ceremony venue? Will you have to go to the salon or will a stylist come over? Create a reasonable timeline that accounts for these details to avoid getting overwhelmed. If there is a considerable distance between your location and the venue, take into consideration external factors such as traffic jams when planning your timeline. Make sure you have sufficient manpower to get you and the bridesmaids ready in good time, accounting for potential delays.

Prepare Pretty Get-Ready Attire

What will you be wearing when getting ready? Do not leave this important detail to chance. Your attire of choice should be easy to get into and out of, and should not mess up your hair or makeup. It should also be pretty enough for a stunning get-ready photoshoot. A button-down shirt or a robe makes a great choice of attire. Choose matching designs for you and your bridesmaids for a memorable look. Remember to get the important people looking their best for these moments too.

Get the Party Started

You do not have to wait until you walk down the aisle to get the party started. Before getting into your gown, pop some champagne with your bridesmaids. Make sure you have a great videographer on hand to capture these memorable moments. For the best photos, the location’s aesthetics should mirror those of the event. Consider planning for first-look photos after getting into your wedding gown for an intimate moment with your groom. These fun activities before the big day officially begins will help you enjoy every step of the way and make unforgettable memories while at it.

Make Every Moment Count with a Professional Wedding Coordinator

It might be tempting to DIY, but plenty of good will come from enlisting the services of a professional coordinator from Toast Entertainment for this special day. Our event coordination services offer much-needed guidance in planning your wedding based on years of experience. We cover all angles to ensure adequate planning and delivery on every detail of your day. Choosing our expert services will save you plenty of time and hassle, allowing you to enjoy watching your wedding vision come to life.

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