Wedding Day Essentials: Everything You’ll Need

Wedding Day Essentials: Everything You’ll Need

By Toast Entertainment | August 28th, 2022 | Categories: Wedding | 0 Comments


Many couples get caught up with perfecting the aesthetics of their big day with things like flower placements and seating arrangements. Little do they realize that these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to wedding day essentials. To be fully prepared for all contingencies, it is vital to think of situations that can arise. Read on for some of the less obvious things you’ll definitely need when the day rolls around so that you can maximize peace of mind and minimize anxiety.

Sign the Marriage License

In order for your marriage to be legal in the US, you will need an officiant to sign your license. They can be a friend, a judge, or a pastor. After it is signed, hand it over to your officiant or appoint a responsible person for safekeeping so it doesn’t get lost amid the celebrations.

Have a Change of Shoes

While heels are beautiful and look great in pictures, they are often a woman’s worst nightmare as they heighten the risk of falling. This, plus the fact that many outdoor wedding venues are paved with cobblestones, spells possible disaster. Brides may want to bring comfortable shoes for the dance floor or consider wearing heel stabilizers or high heel insoles. No one is going to judge comfortable shoes on the dance floor!

Prepare Supplies for Outdoor Ceremonies

While mother nature provides beauty and grace for the special day, be prepared for other more unwelcomed elements of nature like bugs and mosquitoes, and the effects of a burning sun. If you’re getting married outside, equip yourself and your guests with special wedding day necessities like bug spray and insect repellent. Sunscreen and aloe vera are also crucial for daytime ceremonies, especially if the venue is unsheltered. You would want all the attention to be focused on you instead of any discomfort arising from insects or the sun on the wedding day!

Bring Medicine

Free flow of alcohol, a long night of dancing and heightened emotions can take a toll on anyone the next day. Bring NSAIDs for pain relief and antacids to the festivities. Bring enough for your guests too. Also, consider supplements like N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) and Vitamin B complex since they are some of the best supplements to combat hangovers and the negative effects of alcohol.

Put Together an Emergency Kit

Wedding emergency kits can include sewing materials, painkillers, rubbing alcohol and band-aids. In case an accident happens, you are fully prepared to help your guests so you can all go back to enjoying yourselves. Other items you can consider including in the kit are fashion tape for small and spontaneous wardrobe malfunctions, tampons, breath mints, white chalk to hide any stains, a lint roller, and a snack, in case you feel a case of low blood sugar before the wedding dinner.

Toast Entertainment Has Got You Covered

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