The Best DJ Timeline For Your Wedding Day

The Best DJ Timeline For Your Wedding Day

By Toast Entertainment | January 19th, 2023 | Categories: Wedding | 0 Comments


You’ve been thinking about your wedding a lot, and now it’s quickly approaching. You’re a little worried about whether you might miss anything. Hiring the best wedding DJ will help you keep things on track while making the celebration lively! They keep things running smooth and play the ideal music for each portion in the background. This is where a wedding DJ timeline comes in handy. It’s a guide they follow all night, to guarantee everything will go as planned.

However, you might lack the knowledge to lay out your plan. If you want to put together a wedding ceremony music playlist, you need to find songs that fit for each part of the event. There are many helpful tips you can use to make your wedding one of the best days of your life. Let’s take a look at a step-by-step guide to creating the perfect DJ timeline for your wedding!

Cocktail Hour Begins

One of the most important things in creating a great wedding party timeline is understanding the mood of your guests. During cocktail hour, the guests will have a chance to catch up with other guests, so the DJ should play music that won’t clash with the conversation. Subtle music, like jazz, will surely set the mood and make the guests feel more comfortable while they wait for the married couple to arrive.

The Grand Entrance of the Newlywed Couple

The grand entrance is a fantastic way to kick off the evening with much livelier music. In this part, you and your spouse will be the center of attention, so the DJ needs to choose a song that’s meaningful to you.

Newlywed First Dance

Your wedding’s first dance song is very special because it’s the first time you’re dancing as a married couple. Whatever song you choose will be memorable and meaningful to you and your spouse. A classic love song, or an instrumental with a soulful feel is a perfect choice.

Parent Dances

Dancing with your parents can be one of the most memorable things during your wedding. Before you hit the dance floor, think of a song that makes you think of your mother or father. Everyone loves music that never gets old, especially when there’s a strong familial bond to it.

Wedding Dinner

When you’re choosing music to play at the wedding dinner, it’s important to choose ones that are popular with all generations. Some music should tailor to the older generation, while others should make the younger generation vibe when eating. It’s important to play music that’s liked by a variety of people to make it enjoyable for your guests.

The Newlywed Speeches

Traditional weddings usually go with speeches from the newlywed to thank their guest. In between those speeches, the DJ could play some instrumental background music to make things emotional but not too distracting.

Wedding Reception Dance Party

The time has finally come when you can ditch the formality and do your signature move on the dance floor. Say goodbye to slow music and let your guests show off their dance moves!  You and your spouse can dance all night long in your wedding attire!

If you don’t know where to start in making your wedding timeline, contact us at Toast Entertainment! We’ll surely provide you with the best solution for organizing your wedding.

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