How To Spot A Bad Wedding DJ

How To Spot A Bad Wedding DJ

By Toast Entertainment | March 9th, 2023 | Categories: Wedding | 0 Comments

How To Spot A Bad Wedding DJ

Wedding DJs are the unsung heroes of the wedding industry. They’re responsible for keeping the party going; with them, your special day will be more memorable and fun. But just like any other service provider you hire for your big day (or any other event), bad ones exist. They can ruin everything! Here are some telltale signs that your DJ might not be the best fit for your wedding:

They Don’t Provide A List For Song Requests

If a DJ doesn’t provide you with a list of requested songs, they are likely not as professional or experienced in their field as they should be.

wedding DJ needs to have the knowledge and experience to know that it’s important to ensure that your guests get what they want. That means creating and providing a list for them to fill out ahead of time so you can use it as a guide during your reception. The best DJs will also have techniques for ensuring everyone can request their favorite song at least once during the event.

They Don’t Have A Sound System To Handle Any Need Or Size

A good wedding DJ will have a sound system that can handle any size of the room and any type of music. This means that if you have a large venue, they should be able to fill it with sound. The same goes for smaller venues; the DJ should be able to make sure your guests can hear their speeches and announcements no matter where they might be in the space (no one wants to play “pin the mic on the speaker”).

It’s also important that your wedding DJ has backup plans in case something unexpected happens: power failure or sudden silence during an important moment because someone accidentally unplugged something. You don’t want your dance floor full of confused guests wondering why there’s suddenly no music!

They Don’t Check With You Before The Wedding

Your wedding DJ should check with you before the big day. They should ask what music you want to hear and what songs are important to you, and they should also ask if there’s anything you want to avoid or play more of. When it comes right down to it, a good DJ will work with your vision for the party. But this step is especially important because DJs can sometimes be prone to mistakes—if they don’t check in beforehand about what songs will be played at the wedding, those mistakes could really throw a wrench into things!

They Don’t Let You Customize Your Music

You want to be able to choose the songs that you want to hear and the order in which they will play. A good DJ will ensure that your requests are followed through on and will also consider any special requests from you or your guests. An average or bad DJ might provide some song list for their services, but don’t expect them to be flexible when it comes to playing what you want!


This is a partial list, but it should give you an idea about what to look for in a professional wedding DJ. If you want to ensure your event goes smoothly and everyone has fun, keep quality high. It’s worth the investment!

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