Hiring A DJ For Corporate Events: Five Common Mistakes People Make

Hiring A DJ For Corporate Events: Five Common Mistakes People Make

By Toast Entertainment | May 18th, 2023 | Categories: Uncategorized | 0 Comments

Hiring A DJ For Corporate Events: Five Common Mistakes People Make

Choosing the right DJ for your corporate event can go a long way in making it a success. In addition to setting the right mood, a professional in this field will make the event memorable. Furthermore, a good DJ for corporate events will strike the balance between fun and professional.

On the flip side, making a poor choice can turn your event into an entertainment horror story that will take years to forget. Take a look at the top five mistakes you need to avoid when making this choice.

Last-Minute DJ Hunting

Waiting too long to start your search for the right professional is a precursor for disaster. Good DJs are often booked for extended periods of time. Circumvent this potential pitfall by starting your search months in advance. Doing so will give you the freedom to make comparisons and choose the best rather than settle for the only available option.

Mismatch Between Entertainment and Event

Under the corporate umbrella, there is a wide range of events possibilities including team-building, year-end parties, luncheons, and executive dinners, among others. A good DJ knows how to set the right tone for the type of event at hand by providing suitable entertainment. This calls for an expansive music collection and a diverse range of expertise. Choosing a provider who has the experience to handle customized corporate events is a major plus.

Hiring an Inexperienced DJ

Oftentimes when planning for an event you may get unsolicited recommendations to enlist the services of a friend who is just starting out. Worse still, some assign this sensit

ive task to a fellow staff member who happens to have some DJing experience. Choosing a person who lacks adequate experience almost always ends badly. Such a person may not have what it takes to read the crowd, manage sound equipment or transition seamlessly between different parts of the event.

Hiring a Professional DJ with No Corporate Experience

Closely related to the above point is the pitfall of choosing an experienced professional who has never handled a corporate event. While their experience certainly counts, corporate events differ significantly from club parties, weddings, and other popular events. The right DJ should have the requisite experience to adhere to expectations and corporate protocols.

Failure to Check What Is Included in Service Package

Service packages differ from one provider to the next. While some offer the complete deal, others require you to provide your own speakers and lighting. Failure to figure this out in advance could set you up for heartache when you discover at the last minute that you need to get some equipment.

Choose the Right DJ for a Memorable Event

Making the right choice of DJ clearly plays an important role in determining the success of your event. At Toast Entertainment, we have what it takes to meet and surpass your expectations for all types of corporate events. We have a comprehensive music collection, state-of-the-art equipment, and expansive experience in every aspect of corporate entertainment. Our team of seasoned professionals will make your event unforgettable in all the ways that count.

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