Four Wedding Photography Styles You’ll Love

Four Wedding Photography Styles You’ll Love

By Toast Entertainment | May 11th, 2023 | Categories: Uncategorized | 0 Comments


Every single element of your special day, including photography, should be a reflection of your style. There is so much more to great wedding photos than posing and smiling for the camera. Understanding the different wedding photography styles will help you eternalize those precious moments of your special day in a format that best defines your personality. Here are four of the most popular styles that you may want to consider for your event.

Fine Art Style

One of the most creative styles, fine art, seeks to transform ordinary shots into artistic masterpieces. It has a keen focus on aesthetics and often features decorative backgrounds and props to bring out the desired effect. Among the main characteristics of this style are bright and vivid hues that project a delicate and airy effect. Since it is typically conceptual, it involves getting directions from the photographer for posing and positioning. The style is ideal for outdoor weddings.

Candid Style

Also known as photojournalistic style, candid photography is authentic to the bone. It aims to capture moments as they unfold without much interference from the photographer. Like a documentary or news report, nothing about this style is orchestrated. Rather, it is all about spontaneity, natural emotions and reactions as well as unguarded moments. It does not focus much on the technical perfection of shots. But a good photographer will nonetheless seek to play such elements as backgrounds, lighting, and angles to bring out the best of these precious moments. Perfecting this style requires creativity and speed in addition to good equipment to capture real images even from a distance.

A photo booth is a great way to spice up your candid wedding photography experience. It is an opportunity to capture authentic photos in a relatively controlled setting, and it will double as entertainment for your guests. You could choose to send out these funny photos as favors to friends and family after the event.


If you are looking for the ultimate middle-ground merging the previous two styles above, the lifestyle format is your best bet. While it seeks to capture candid, spontaneous shots, it also involves a measure of styling and direction with the photographer setting the scene. It therefore offers the best of both worlds, projecting legitimacy in a controlled setting and format.

Classic Style

Remember the distinctive style that permeates your grandparents’ and parents’ wedding albums? These formal, traditional shots are aptly known as classics. They seemingly follow a script to capture the traditional highlights of a wedding – the first kiss, exchanging rings, and cake-cutting among others. Posing and positioning are key elements of this style. Despite following a straightforward and predictable pattern, these photos are striking and timeless. At the end of the day, every photographer makes an effort to incorporate aspects of this style into their work for the aforementioned key shots and for family portraits.

Pick a Versatile Photographer to Execute Your Unique Style

Like an artist, a photographer comes into your event with a unique perspective and vision. A good one seeks to use this as the foundation to breathe life into your vision. The best part about working with Toast Entertainment through the entire process is the versatility that our team of experts has to offer. We have extensive experience in the above and plenty of other photography styles to meet your requirements. Our portfolio showcases our boundless potential to execute efficiently on any desired style.

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