Fill A Dance Floor

Fill A Dance Floor

By Toast Entertainment | June 17th, 2021 | Categories: Wedding | 0 Comments

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How do you get those great videos of people laughing and smiling and participating in anything from the chicken dance to a wild groove to a classic Michael Jackson tune?

You hire a DJ and emcee company with the skills to engage your crowd, and the experience to know how to manage a wedding event.

People put a lot of money into their weddings – so it pays to get qualified professionals to help manage what goes on every minute of every hour that you’re in the wedding venue. But what does that mean? Here are some of the best things that a dj and emcee service can do for customers. 

Music Preference

Too many DJ companies just don’t get any information from clients upfront about their musical preferences. Then they trot out their generic top 40 lists and hope that people get excited. This is really kind of blind operations. It’s not a best practice. We listen to our customers about what they are audiences prefer, and then we integrate that into our playlists to bring a more targeted effect, and to get people up and on the floor, not out of obligation, but because they’re afire with excitement. 

Cultural Preferences

We can’t stress enough that every wedding is different, and not every wedding is the same.Ok, those both mean the same thing. We said we couldn’t stress it enough, and after watching hundreds of weddings, we mean it! Each one is its own special gem!

Again, some companies just bring a cookie-cutter approach to emceeing. They don’t think about the various traditions and heritage of the bride and groom and how that’s going to affect a dance crowd. Obviously, grand cultural and national and ethnic traditions have their own rituals and trends that identify them from others. This is something to celebrate not something to brush under the rug. Don’t settle for a corporate style experience.


Here’s another thing that experienced wedding DJs learn as they work with wedding planners, cake makers, florists, bartenders and everybody else involved in creating these magnificent events. It takes a village to pull off a great wedding!

Basically timing is everything. “When are they going to cut the cake?” is one of the top 10 questions in any wedding event, but there are lots of other important moments, too, that need to be timed well. 

So having the ability to pinpoint key times for changes and implement your timing well helps contribute to a great event. 

Turn to Toast for your wedding. We help you to rock!

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