4 Fun Wedding Games Your Guests Will Love

4 Fun Wedding Games Your Guests Will Love

By Toast Entertainment | October 13th, 2022 | Categories: Wedding | 0 Comments


From the time guests arrive to you walking down the aisle, having a few activities and games in between will surely perk up the atmosphere at your reception. Games are also the best way to get your guests mingling while also creating a memory that will be reminisced for years and decades to come. If you’re looking for inspiration for a fun time, we’ve compiled the best wedding games that are sure to score big with your guests.

Bride and Groom Trivia

For all the trivia lovers out there, this is a popular activity that allows your guests to express what they really think of you while eliminating awkward silences. Create a list of questions about the bride and groom and let your friends and family members read out the answers. You could also get the MC or DJ to read out the answers, where the most accurate ones win prizes. Besides it being fun, your guests will be competing to see who knows you best. As a marriage is a union of souls, friends and family will be gathered during this celebration, so it’s an excellent opportunity for them to learn a thing or two about the couple. If you want to be a little more tech-savvy, the trivia can even be facilitated through well-known websites like Kahoot which is quick and easy to set up.

Wedding Couple Mad Libs

This is essentially a fill-in-the-blanks game, which will give the couple a giggle after the wedding day. How it works is that each person at a table leads the group in the table’s assigned mad lib. Guests at the table supply random, suitable verbs, nouns, and adjectives for a mystery story and invite one person to read the carefully crafted story out loud. This classic game will surely get your wedding guests to erupt with laughter. If you aren’t the Do-It-Yourself type, you can always purchase these online.

Cards Against Humanity Wedding Style

If you’re a big fan of Cards Against Humanity, this game of ‘Cards About Matrimony’ which is all over the internet will surely get your guests laughing over the outrageousness of the game. This game has the same rules as Cards Against Humanity but is tailored specifically to marriage life and weddings.

Wedding Shoe Game

The couple is seated in chairs back-to-back and is to hold out one of their shoes. As an MC reads out “Who is most likely to” questions over the microphone, the couple is to raise the shoe of the person who is the best answer to the list of questions read aloud. This makes for an exciting time for guests to learn more about the bride and groom.

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