3 Helpful Tips For Running A Smooth Wedding Rehearsal

3 Helpful Tips For Running A Smooth Wedding Rehearsal

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Wedding rehearsal dinners set the stage and atmosphere for the events ahead and can be the best time to destress and recharge before your official big day. This event does not have to be perfect like the wedding itself, but it’s a great opportunity for everyone to get comfortable with the flow of events to prevent any potential hiccups. Whether you’re planning to have a private wedding or an extravagant one, it’s crucial to know these helpful tips for a smooth wedding rehearsal.

Break the Ice

When it comes to wedding rehearsals, your closest friends and family will be invited to the dinner. Ensuring everyone is acquainted with one another is the best way to start the event, since there most likely has not been any opportunity for your guests to know each other. Even if your guests have met, there’s no harm in reintroducing them to one another since it’s easy to forget names. This also gives your friends and family an opener to talk to each other and learn how they each are related to the couple. Getting the awkwardness out of the way is one of the main kinks to smooth out during this event.

Get Any Announcements Out of the Way

Do you have any last-minute changes that your guests, bridesmaids, and family should know about? This is the perfect timing to get any of these announcements out of the way to prevent any hiccups during your actual wedding day. Confirm with your bridesmaids if they know the exact time to arrive, where each of them will need to be, and if there’s anything they will need to carry around with them. With all the excitement during your wedding rehearsal, it can be easy to forget all the key details that will make or break a smooth event.

Keep it Short

Typically, the wedding day falls a day after the wedding rehearsal or the next, so you don’t want to drag this out any longer than necessary. Try to limit the rehearsal to a maximum of two hours. Ensure your dry run is done efficiently and get all of your questions out as early as possible. After a smooth wedding rehearsal and dinner, everyone will need their beauty sleep.

Hire a Wedding Coordinator

Hiring an excellent wedding coordinator will help you walk through the entire line-up of your big day smoothly. Ensuring a professional wedding coordinator is by your side during the wedding rehearsal eliminates the couple from looking “bossy” in front of their friends and family members. Having someone else in charge of dictating what everyone will be doing just helps guests and the couple to have a great time during the wedding rehearsal without feeling overwhelmed.

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