The Ultimate List Of Must-Have Wedding Photos

The Ultimate List Of Must-Have Wedding Photos

By Toast Entertainment | August 20th, 2022 | Categories: Wedding | 0 Comments


It is natural to wish to capture your big day through photos and videos. However, there is more to wedding photos than just the big day itself. This is why it is important to hold conversations with your wedding photographer or wedding planner so that you can have photographs of the events leading up to your wedding and memorialize such happiness forever. In addition, capturing the events that lead up to the wedding would ensure that you have an album full of stunning shots and beautifully captured candid moments to showcase on your big day.

The first step is to identify your ideal wedding photographer. Consult with them on the style of wedding shots and the concepts to consider. Together, you can discuss the must-have moments to record so that you can relive your special day even years later.

The Bridal Shower and Bachelor’s Party

As this is usually a party made up of your closest friends and family, it is worth considering memorializing this day with a professional photographer, as this would give you some beautiful photos to display at the wedding itself. This party before your next chapter in life is particularly special as you would be surrounded by your dearest and closest, so consider hiring someone professional to produce fabulous photos which can be given as keepsake gifts to those close to your heart.

The Process of Getting Ready on the Wedding Day

One of the most memorable wedding photos involves the getting-ready moments, such as when the bride (and even the groom) have their hair and makeup done. Immortalize special moments full of emotions and sentiments, like a photo of the bride’s mother dressing her daughter for her walk down the aisle, or the groom’s father adjusting the tie of the groom. Other shots could be of the maid-of-honor zipping the bride’s dress or fluffing her train, and other details worthy to be included in the wedding album.

Details like the Invites, the Veil, and the Accessories

The invitations often indicate the theme and details of the wedding. Yet it is not the most immediate item one thinks of when it comes to preserving the memories of the big day. Taking shots of the invite pays tribute to the time and effort that you spent designing and deciding on the theme. It can be shot along with other details like the bridal bouquet, etc. The veil is another element that was chosen with great care. Some of them even come in complex, intricate designs that should be captured from multiple angles.

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