Skipping The Toast?

Skipping The Toast?

By Toast Entertainment | July 14th, 2021 | Categories: Wedding | 0 Comments


Yes, it’s part of our name but the toast is also a potentially important part of the wedding event.

Traditional weddings have a number of these vibrant speeches where people reminisce about the bride and groom, and weave rich narratives for the mingling of two great families together in the form of matrimony.

Here’s the deal, though: some people really like toasts, and others don’t.

You might have people saying: “hey, we’re going to skip the toasts at this event” but then due to popular demand, these speeches get added back into the agenda later. That’s just one of the many curveballs that can happen as the wedding gets nearer. People get cold feet about their public speaking! But others want them to just go on ahead.

Moving with the Flow

A good entertainment company needs to be able to keep these things in mind.

A DJ or MC that can’t roll with the punches is likely to experience some consternation as people keep changing their minds. You have to remember that not everything on an itinerary is set in stone. That’s especially important because as the event winds on, you might see that you’re running out of time for one thing or another. Then again, you might have people who want to give a toast but keep getting cold-shouldered, or people who don’t want to give a toast who’ve been asked to give a toast, or people who want to give a shorter toast than they had originally planned… etc.


The practice of “toast-mastering” means that your DJ or MC is going to be chill about changes. When the event planners and other people who are in charge start getting nervous, you’re on the path toward a lot more chaos and confusion. Being able to calmly and easily adjust is a major value in wedding entertainment.

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