Plan a Fun Wedding Reception with These Tips

Plan a Fun Wedding Reception with These Tips

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The wedding reception is the part of the event your guests are looking forward to the most. If you want to ensure your wedding reception is one that everyone will remember, use the tips and information found here.

The Toast

During the sit-down dinner or cocktail hour, the maid of honor, best man, and the bride or groom will give a toast. Be sure to keep each toast under about two minutes because everyone has been to a reception where someone talked way too long. The toast is an easy way to add a memorable and fun moment to slower parts of the evening.

The Receiving Line

The receiving line is when the bride and groom can thank and greet each of the guests. Unfortunately, this can be boring and take a lot of time. One way to avoid this is by not creating a structured or formal line. Instead, walk around, from table to table, to greet your guests while they are eating. This will give you the freedom to move around the room and talk to an entire table of people at the same time.

Another option is to end this line after about 30 to 60 minutes. You can have the DJ announce that the line will be ending at a specific time and get in line to let everyone know the line is ending. Remember, only take about 30 seconds to greet each of your guests to keep things moving.

Hire a Professional DJ

Hiring a professional DJ is going to take a lot of the stress of the day off your shoulders. They can help you create a timeline of events, including special songs to dance to and more memorable events, such as cutting the cake. Professional DJs will also make the necessary announcements for everyone who attends knows what is going on and when. While Pandora and Spotify are great resources for music, they cannot compare with the services provided by an experienced and professional DJ who will interact with the crowd, play songs when the time is right, and take requests.

Create a Slideshow

It is common to have a video or slideshow about the couple on a loop during the reception. However, these slideshows often fade into the background. Rather than having it on a loop, create one that is about three to five minutes long and make it the reception’s focus for a little while. During the video, stop the music and ask everyone to watch.

Planning the Perfect Reception

If you want to plan a wedding reception that is fun and enjoyable for everyone, keep the tips and information found here in mind. Doing so will help ensure everyone has a great time and that the reception moves along promptly. Being informed is the best way to plan a wedding reception and provide a great time for everyone. Keep this in mind as you plan your wedding and the reception.

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