Get It Going, Keep It Going

Get It Going, Keep It Going

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We’ll start by just saying it straight off – wedding DJ and MC services are supposed to be fun.


If the people who are putting on your big event lose sight of this, things can sometimes get a little awkward or weird. It’s largely a question of experience, and how to excite and engage crowds…


We’ll explain.


The Energy in the Room


In the vast majority of cases, most of the work of a wedding DJ or MC is to follow the instructions the bride and groom gave out, to liven things up a little, and to be able to roll with the punches, to make it seem like everything is running smoothly even when people might hit a snag.


Basically, you do this by keeping things fun, not forced. If you’ve ever heard a wedding MC or DJ try too hard, you know what this means. People are there to have fun, and they can naturally do that, but if they sense that there is some chaos going on up front, that can derail their natural sense of enjoyment for the evening affair.


Ask for a Song


Here’s an excellent example that kind of shows off how this works. Ask a wedding DJ for a particular song. If they have it, fine – no problem, they put it on. If they don’t have it for some reason, you start to see the difference between an experienced company and one that just doesn’t know how to adapt.


When you start to see the DJ or MC furrow their brow, adopt defensive body language and seem upset, that’s where things start to go off the rails. Instead, if the DJ or MC just casually says “hey I don’t have this, but let’s try this instead, is that cool?” everything usually just hums along. If a drunk uncle or bridesmaid or somebody else makes a grab for the mic? Samesies. 


The energy ultimately remains buoyant.


The same thing is true of other minor details like the timeline of events. Nobody’s going to die if you have to wait five more minutes to cut the cake, but if everybody starts freaking out about it, that can really throw a wrench in the works. So again, the DJ and the MC are partners, but they can also be, in some senses, guides, within reason and with close collaboration with the bride and groom, who are usually, frankly speaking, pretty busy.


Talk to us about how this works! We’re one of the best wedding helpers in the Austin, TX area, and we know our business. 


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