Taking engagement photos is a great opportunity to capture the joy and excitement before marrying your soulmate! More importantly, engagement shoots give you and your significant other an opportunity to get to know your photographer and to loosen up in front of the camera before the big day! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite places to take your engagements

#1 Your venue:

Why not make the most of this special spot by snapping your engagement photos at your venue! (Photocred: Misty)

#2: Your property:

This couple decided to shoot on Lake Travis. It was unique, intimate and you can’t beat that sunset! (Photocred: Steve)

#3 An Open Field:

We love a simple, natural open field. With no distractions, this choice makes for romantic and fun shots! (Photocred: Misty)

 #4 The Sekrit Theater:

This location is super trendy. The glass conservatory makes for awesome shots and the bus is so unique! (Photocred:Ashley)


#5 The Palmer Event Center:

This location is a go-to. With its large trees, water, and skyline this makes for a diverse shoot! (Photocred: Aleisha)

#6 Mayfield Park:

Who wouldn’t love to be photobombed by a gorgeous peacock? This location has a gorgeous stoop, flowers and lots of greenery. Not to mention it is around the corner from #7 Mount Bonnell!

#6 Mount Bonnell:

Met your significant other in Austin? Head over to one of Austin’s famous landmarks. The view is amazing!