ATX Locations for Engagement Shoot!

ATX Locations for Engagement Shoot!

By Toast Entertainment | June 26th, 2020 | Categories: Uncategorized | 0 Comments


#1 Your venue:

Why not make the most of this special spot by snapping your engagement photos at your venue! (Photocred: Misty)

#2: Your property:

This couple decided to shoot on Lake Travis. It was unique, intimate and you can’t beat that sunset! (Photocred: Steve)

#3 An Open Field:

We love a simple, natural open field. With no distractions, this choice makes for romantic and fun shots! (Photocred: Misty)

#4 The Sekrit Theater:

This location is super trendy. The glass conservatory makes for awesome shots and the bus is so unique! (Photocred:Ashley)

#5 The Palmer Event Center:

This location is a go-to. With its large trees, water, and skyline this makes for a diverse shoot! (Photocred: Aleisha)

#6 Mayfield Park:

Who wouldn’t love to be photobombed by a gorgeous peacock? This location has a gorgeous stoop, flowers and lots of greenery. Not to mention it is around the corner from #7 Mount Bonnell!

#7 Mount Bonnell:

Met your significant other in Austin? Head over to one of Austin’s famous landmarks. The view is amazing!

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