Ask Yourself These 4 Questions Before Booking A Photo Booth In Houston, TX

Ask Yourself These 4 Questions Before Booking A Photo Booth In Houston, TX

By Toast Entertainment | January 12th, 2023 | Categories: Wedding | 0 Comments


Aside from getting a photographer, are you thinking of leveling up by booking a photo booth? Photo booths are fun and exciting to have. This helps keep the energy up and allows your guests to take photos with friends and families. It’s a great way to have fun and share a few laughs with your loved ones. The best part is, they get to bring the photos home. If you’re planning to have your event in Houston, TX, you should do your research first. There are varieties of Houston photo booths that you can choose from that come with props. Of course, it’ll be nice to choose the best photo booth that captures your guests’ fun and unique reactions. Hence, you need to ask yourself these questions before booking a photo booth:

What are the Different Types of Photo Booths?

There are several types of photo booths that you can choose from and each has its own features. Thus, it’s important that you learn about the different types of photo booths and choose which one suits your event more. By asking this question, you also get to set your budget. Here are some different types of photo booths:

  • Classic Photo booth
  • Open-air Photo Booth
  • GIF Photo Booth
  • Enclosed photo booth
  • Selfie photo booth
  • 360-degree photo booth
  • 180-degree photo booth
  • Magic mirror photo booth
  • Green screen photo booth
  • Augmented reality photo booth
  • Retro photo booth

Should I Get Photo Booth Props?

What makes a photo booth special is the creativity that you can experiment with. With props, your guests will surely have fun being creative together. They’re perfect to encourage your guests to make their personalities shine and take unique and unforgettable photos. Props can also help tie the overall theme of your event. If you want your photo booth to be interactive and engaging, ask yourself if you should get props.

Do I Need a Booth Attendant?

Depending on what type of photo booth you’re opting for, some have booth attendants and others don’t. However, some companies will allow you to choose if you would like a booth attendant or not. They manage your photo booth and offer your guests the best experience. For photo booths with props, the booth attendant usually organizes the props and ensures that it’s a smooth experience for everyone. Booths with selfie options do not need an attendant. They have easy instructions for your guests to follow.

Will My Guests Need a Digital Print?

Photo booths are fun and memorable because of the physical photo that you get to bring home. However, modern photo booths have included the digital version of the photos, but it may not be free. Some companies charge an extra fee for the option to send your guests the digital print. Ask yourself if you think your guests need a backup or digital copy of the photos they took at your event.

In Conclusion

A photo booth is sure to be the finishing touch to any event you host. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, or even a corporate event, it helps your guests have fun and take memorable photos together. Hence, it’s important for you to choose the right photo booth for your event to cater to your guests properly. There are photo booths that are best suited for small events, and others for big events with lots of guests. To learn more about photo booths in Houston, TX, contact us at Toast Entertainment.

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