A Guide To Renting A Photo Booth For Your Wedding

A Guide To Renting A Photo Booth For Your Wedding

By Toast Entertainment | February 23rd, 2023 | Categories: Wedding | 0 Comments

You’ve got a big day coming up, and you want everything to be perfect. That’s why you’re reading this article: you want the best possible experience for your guests at your wedding so that they have fun and don’t think about all the other things going on in their lives (like work). But how do you make sure everyone has a great time? Well, renting a photo booth is one way! It’ll keep people entertained during speeches or other dull moments (which will be few and far between if we’re being honest). Plus, it’ll help create great memories from your special day that last forever. So let’s get started on how you can rent photo booth for wedding!

The Budget

The first thing to consider is your budget. How much can you afford to spend on a photo booth for your wedding? This is a good way to start, but it should be flexible and realistic. The budget needs to be flexible enough to allow for unforeseen expenses like food and drink for the guests who will use the photo booth or any other unexpected costs related to renting one.

Think About Your Timeline

Timeline is the amount of time (or days) you have to plan your wedding. It’s important to think about this because many things need to be done for your wedding day to run smoothly. If you’re an experienced event planner, you probably already know what’s involved in putting together a big party—and if not, I’d recommend learning as much as possible about it before making any commitments.

Here is a short list of items that usually make up a timeline:

  • Planning process (including vendor selection and budgeting)
  • Preparation time for vendors and venue staff
  • Vendor coordination times (for example, when they arrive at the venue)
  • Set-up/tear-down times for decoration/decoration removal crews

Decide Whether You Want An Enclosed Or Open-Air Booth

The design and look of the photo booth is important, but it’s also important to consider how much privacy you want in your photo booth. Enclosed booths provide more privacy than open-air booths, but they can also be less fun for guests who prefer a more casual experience (especially if they feel like they’re being locked in). On the other hand, open-air booths are often more popular at weddings because they allow guests to mingle while still taking photos at the same time—plus these types of photo booths will typically have multiple cameras on display so that everyone can get in on the action.

Look For Discounts Or Special Offers

Look for discounts or special offers on the day of your wedding. Sometimes the venue will offer discounts or special offers, especially if they have equipment already on site. Look around and see who has open photo booths that might be running a special deal to attract potential customers. If you’re having a destination wedding, ask if there are any promotions available only in your area.

Consider Props And Other Accessories

While most photo booths have a set of standard props and accessories, you can always add your own personal touch by bringing in some additional ones. Things like hats, goggles, face paint, feather boas—anything that will help guests get into your wedding or party theme is great. The more unique the props are to you and your partner’s relationship (for example, a set of boxing gloves if you’re both huge fans), the better!


We’re sure you have many questions, and we hope this guide has helped answer some of them. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us! We are here to help make your wedding day as perfect as possible.

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