8 Ways to Spend Your Wedding Morning

8 Ways to Spend Your Wedding Morning

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8 Ways to Spend Your Wedding Morning

By Matilda Davies

Your wedding day should be perfect. It should be as stress-free and enjoyable as possible, and that goes for the entire day. The way you spend the morning of your wedding can set the tone for the entire celebration. Here are eight ways you can spend it to ensure you’re setting yourself up for a relaxing and fun-filled day.

  1. Meditate

There is scientific evidence that meditation can be an effective treatment for stress and anxiety. You can try simple guided meditation with an app like Calm, or you can grab you wedding party and take a private guided meditation class. You’ll leave feeling quite balanced and ready to take on this most important day!

  1. Practice mindfulness

Your wedding day can feel like a blur. But if you let yourself get too caught up in the activities and excitement of the day, you can miss the little details that will stick with you forever. Make sure to spend the morning with people you love and care for. Check in with yourself throughout the morning and the day—make note of physical sensations and emotions. Take a few moments to pause and appreciate this day and the people you love. And don’t forget to tell them as well!

  1. https://housemethod.com/Eat a great breakfast

Sleep in if you can, but chances are you’ll be too excited to sleep very late. Wake up and enjoy a great breakfast with your bridal party. If you’re going to eat out, be sure to make reservations in advance so you’re not stressed come brunch time. You’ll need plenty of energy for this day, so be sure to get some caffeine, protein, and plenty of water.

By all means, indulge in mimosas, but be mindful of your alcohol intake—you’ll want to be as fully present as possible on this wonderful day!

  1. Dance

It’s one of the most exciting days of your life, you’re surrounded by close friends and family, so queue up your favorite tunes and dance! This is not only a great stress reliever (it’s aerobic exercise, afterall) it’s also a way to get psyched for the greatest party you’ll ever have.

  1. Send a note to your spouse-to-be

While many will choose to not see their spouse-to-be on their wedding day until the aisle, there’s no doubt that you’ll be dying to! Go old school romantic and hand write a quick note about how excited you are to see them. Have a bridesmaid or groomsmen deliver the note on your behalf. It’s a great way to build romantic tension before you see each other that day.

  1. Treat yourself

While you should be careful to not plan too much the morning of your wedding, making the time for an indulgence like a mani/pedi or a massage on the day of your wedding can help you relax and slow down.

  1. Take a few moments to yourself

Your day will be so filled with people and celebration, it’s important that you take some time to check in with yourself alone. Perhaps you could do a solo meditation practice or a massage, but it could be even simpler than that. Take a walk, go on a jog, take a cup of coffee outside and enjoy some moments of silence. Reflection and mindfulness will help you mitigate stress and really drink in the day.

  1. Let go

You’ve found the perfect dress, booked music and photos, chosen a beautiful menu, and done all the planning you can—the best thing you can do now is to enjoy it. Remember that there is ultimately no such thing as “perfect.” Hiccups will happen, but as long as you can take them in stride and remember that the day is about so much more than the silverware and the linens and the floral arrangements, the day will be perfect after all.

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