7 Perfect Wedding Spots You Haven’t Thought About But Definitely Should

7 Perfect Wedding Spots You Haven’t Thought About But Definitely Should

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An article by Alice Robertson with Tidy Home

Looking for a creative, or cost effective, venue for your wedding? Maybe you want to stand out from the endless sea of beachside and chapel nuptials? Weddings are a wonderful way to create memories that last a lifetime, and choosing the right venue can make that happen. Here are seven simply stunning spots you could consider for your big day.

A Zoo

Want something especially exotic? Think about hosting your wedding at a zoo, or even an aquarium! You could have tigers, giraffes or penguins (bonus: they own their own tuxedos) as your special wedding guests and give your friends and family a night they won’t soon forget. Most zoos, like the San Diego Zoo, offer reasonable rental options if a wild wedding seems right for you. Incorporate animal prints in your decor and think about using plenty of plants to add to the safari feel.

An Orchard

Whether you’re getting married in the spring, summer or fall, opting for an orchard is a simple, yet beautiful, idea for your wedding. The criss-crossed trees will add drama to photos, and the blooms can’t be beat for decor. Fall weddings can be especially festive when held in an apple orchard, and the fresh cider is an added luxury your guests are sure to enjoy. Use the blossoms in bouquets and be sure to include the fruit in your menu options.

Your Favorite Museum

If you have a passion for art or history, a museum can add a touch of class to your wedding celebration. You can’t go wrong with the classic or eclectic architecture most museums offer, and exhibits are like built-in decor for your big day. Depending on the museum, you can go as casual or elegant as you’d like with the dress code, but guests are sure to enjoy this unique venue idea. Just be sure to keep off of exhibit items in order to avoid potential disaster.

An Airplane Hangar

Want to really elevate your celebration? Consider saying “I Do” inside an airplane hangar! Whether you or your future spouse has a passion for aviation or you love a retro feel, airplanes could be the perfect backdrop for your wedding. This can be an especially appealing idea for those connected to the armed forces. Get married on the tarmac and move indoors for the reception to avoid evening winds.

A Local Farm

Nothing is more rustic or charming than an adorable barn or farm wedding. Tie together this theme by serving drinks or desserts in mason jars and using burlap in your decor. Set up a cute photo booth with hay bales and corn stalks for guests. Just remember that many smaller farms may not have power throughout the property, so make arrangements for lights and sound.

A National Park

If you love hiking and camping, a park may be the perfect place to get married. You’ll need a permit and some knowledge of national park wedding protocol for this creative ceremony idea. Having breathtaking waterfalls or majestic mountains in the background of your photos will be well worth the effort. Bring a bouquet of wildflowers and include some wilder, local fare in your reception.

Your Own Backyard

Bringing your big day to your backyard is one of the most cost effective, but still beautiful, options on this list. Use your celebration as an excuse to jazz up your yard with a gorgeous pergola or gazebo and enlist the help of family and friends to decorate. The national average cost to build a pergola is $3,587, and you’ll enjoy the added decor for years to come. Prepping your own yard for your wedding can drastically reduce your costs, and you can use the savings to fund an unforgettable honeymoon!

A creative venue can help create a one-of-a-kind celebration for your wedding day. Thinking outside of the box can also help you avoid the pricey fees of some of the more popular event venues. Make your big day special and make memories no one will forget with one of these unique wedding spaces!

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