5 Strategies for Having a Stress-Free Wedding Day

5 Strategies for Having a Stress-Free Wedding Day

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An Article by Laurie Larson.

Planning a wedding and the week of the wedding itself are notorious for high stress. It’s the
biggest day of your life and you’ve been planning it for months, or maybe even years. Plus,
everyone you know will be there with all eyes on you. There are several ways to avoid so much
stress. See these five main strategies that will help you reduce wedding stress so you can relax
and simply enjoy getting married on your wedding day.

1. Hire a wedding planner

One of the best things you can do for yourself is hire a wedding planner or day-of planner,
regardless of how many months there are before your wedding. It’s the wedding planner’s job to
worry and make sure everything goes smoothly. Plus, they will remember anything you may
have forgotten, especially on the day-of.
Juggling vendors, plans, and appointments can be daunting, especially if you already have a
full-time job. With or without a wedding day planner, you should still designate a wedding-day
contact, someone authorized to make last minute decisions and shield you from unnecessary
conflict or issues that can distract you and stress you out.
Also, don’t be afraid to ask others for help and assistance, even with the smallest of tasks like
stuffing envelopes. Give your friends and family the opportunity to contribute when you need

them to pitch in. Remember that no one person can handle everything herself. It’s important to
know though exactly what you can handle and who you can actually count on, where it helps to
take an assessment of your bridal party.

2. Prepare for what happens after the wedding

In all the chaos, you probably haven’t thought about what happens after the “I do.” It may seem
like a lot to balance, but if you don’t stay on top of your planning and organizing what happens
after the wedding, you’ll become overwhelmed on the day of when you realize all that you didn’t
Do you have your newlywed home ready for when you return from the honeymoon? If this is
the first time you and your spouse-to-be will be living together, you’ll have to do a lot of
preparing to get your first home ready. You’re probably already too overwhelmed thinking about
the wedding day, so we’ll break down the basics you should worry about:

  •  Make sure you equally mesh your styles
  • Have extra storage space — two people in once space have twice as much stuff!
  • Pick out a great bed that the two of you can share — read reviews to help you choose
  • Plan the first week or so of meals and consider having groceries delivered for your
  • Stock up on fun games you can play when you get back so you can spend time bonding
    in your first home
3. Exercise

Exercise is one of the number one ways to reduce stress and focus on your health, staying
positive in mind and body. Working out helps you get your mind off the wedding, whether you go
to a gym or take a walk down your street. So make sure and take breaks from your wedding
planning and preoccupation with decision making to work up some endorphins which in turn
does wonders for your mood and overall health.

4. Take care of your inner self

In the midst of planning an event for everyone, you can’t lose your sense of self or stop taking
out time for you. See the following tips on how to best take care of you:

  • Take the time to pamper yourself. Consider a massage, facial, or perhaps a manicure
    and pedicure, even if it’s just at home. Or you may opt for a spa weekend with your
  • Calming scented candles next to your bubble bath are an option too for both stress and
  • Meditating helps recenter yourself, including your mindfulness. Consider developing a
    mantra as a classic remedy to help you find your calm.
  • Journaling helps identify pent up emotions you have and process them. Allow yourself to
    be nervous about your wedding and write about those feelings.
5. Remember it is YOUR day

Remember it is YOUR day, meaning that you can do anything you want, regardless of
suggestions, traditions, and advice. Do not worry about how your wedding decisions compare

with the norm or measure up – what you decide on will reflect positively on who you and your
partner are and what you value, so you can’t go wrong!
Remembering the “why”
In the end, the most important advice is to remember the most basic reason and meaning of
your wedding day. This is the day when you and your fiance become one in marriage. Even if
you don’t have the perfect wedding, as long as you and your partner say, ‘I do,’ that is all that
Accordingly, it is important to focus on your partner and spend special time with him or her in
lieu of wedding appointments, planning, and decision making. Stay connected and do not lose
sight of the real reason you are having a wedding, which is to spend forever with your partner!

Laurie Larson is a freelance writer who writes on home, health, and lifestyle topics.


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