5 Steps To Taking Good Wedding Photos And Videos

5 Steps To Taking Good Wedding Photos And Videos

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The cake will be eaten, the flowers will be donated, and the band will eventually have to stop playing, but your wedding photographs will be something you can enjoy forever. You owe it to yourself (and any future generations) to do all in your power to ensure that they are attractive and sincere. Additionally, you’ll probably spend a significant portion of your wedding cash on a photographer, so make the investment worthwhile. From choosing the best wedding videographer and photographer, to posing for the camera, here’s how to capture great wedding photographs and videos.

Start Searching Early for a Pro

Start looking for potential spouses with the easiest targets around a year before your wedding: Ask newlyweds you know for suggestions for photographers, and go through Instagram, photographer portfolios, and actual weddings for vendors whose aesthetics you like. To gauge each photographer’s level of skill and style, look at a couple of their highlight galleries of weddings. Remember that these are just a few of their many—at times, hundreds—of wedding images, so if you discover someone you like, request to view at least one or two whole weddings.

Think Critically

As you look at images, consider the significant moments you want to record during your own wedding: Did this photographer also capture your favorite photographs, such as natural family portraits and candid dance floor photos? Check for intelligent compositions and determine whether objects and people are in focus (unless the grainy effect is intended). Make sure folks don’t seem frightened by the camera and appear calm.

Set Up a Meeting

A photographer’s qualifications cannot always be determined merely by looking at their work. Set up a face-to-face or video-chat meeting with the professionals on your short list whose work you enjoy and who you’ve confirmed are available and within your budget. Given that they will be following your every move and engaging with all of your guests on your wedding day, you should feel at ease with this individual. And you’ll probably also pay them to shoot engagement pictures.

Compare Packages

Discover the regular package’s inclusions and any associated costs by asking (think: overtime fees). especially how many hours of shooting are included. The majority of packages last for eight hours or so and include everything from getting ready to the conclusion of the reception. If there is a probability you could be struck by a vehicle, it is often preferable to spend more for coverage, particularly if you have significant departure plans (overtime is normally charged at a higher rate).

Confirm Your Photographer(s)

The main photographer could not be the one taking your day’s photos if the studio is larger and has other photographers on staff. Make sure the photographer you connect with throughout the interview process and choose will be the one who documents your wedding since every professional has a unique style, approach, and personality. In addition, many elite professionals offer a second shooter in their packages. So, one person may take the formal pictures while the other one records the cocktail hour. Additionally, you’ll get to view two distinct perspectives of significant events, such as your first kiss as a married pair or cake cutting.

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