4 Things That Aren’t True About Hiring A Wedding DJ In Corpus Christi

4 Things That Aren’t True About Hiring A Wedding DJ In Corpus Christi

By Toast Entertainment | December 15th, 2022 | Categories: Wedding | 0 Comments


If you are getting married soon, you would know that the planning process is one of the most tedious tasks. From hiring a good caterer, and ensuring your dress or suit is well-tailored and fitted, to getting the perfect decoration for the special day, there are a thousand things that must be done on that day. We know the feeling. If you want to hire a DJ but have some questions in mind, here are some untrue things you need to know about when hiring a wedding DJ in Corpus Christi.

You Cannot Request a Song

You can always present your song requests to the DJ. Give your guests the opportunity to communicate with you and feel more personally involved in your big day by letting them make requests. Although the DJ may not approve of it, you still can share whatever you want with him, and he will filter out the tracks that are inappropriate or songs that do not fit the event. Ultimately, it is up to him. But there is no harm in trying. Just go up to your DJ with the song of your choice and leave him to do the rest! 

You Must Prepare a Playlist for Your DJ

While the majority of DJs advise you to compile a list of “must-play” songs, you should not be asked to make the reception’s whole playlist. Songs that you “must play” during your wedding are those songs. We suggest three to ten songs. Using their own discretion and experience, your DJ should have no trouble keeping the dance floor crowded and the celebration going at your wedding. They should be capable of reading the crowd to decide what music should be played next.

They Are In Charge of Lighting

Simply because the DJ promise to come with lighting does not mean that they are ideal for your wedding; lighting can refer to a variety of different things. Be wary of DJs who claim that lighting is “free” or “included”; poor lighting at a wedding may be extremely distracting and make your event appear unorganized. With the right lighting, your DJ will be able to completely change the mood of your wedding. So, talk with the DJ and make sure they comprehend your wedding vision. 

All of the “Classic” Formalities Must Be Completed

Without a doubt, you may do whatever you want on your wedding day since it is your big day! A fantastic wedding DJ can collaborate with you to develop original concepts for your celebration. A seasoned DJ will be able to help you create a one-of-a-kind celebration that fits your vision, even if you want to keep things traditional but are not seeking the same old wedding. A seasoned DJ has worked many weddings and has seen many things.

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