Wedding Day Essentials: Everything You’ll Need

Many couples get caught up with perfecting the aesthetics of their big day with things like flower placements and seating arrangements. Little do they realize that these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to wedding day essentials. To be fully prepared for all contingencies, it is vital to think of situationsContinue reading “Wedding Day Essentials: Everything You’ll Need”

Do You Really Need A Wedding Coordinator?

  Hiring a wedding coordinator can mean the difference between being stressed and hassled on your big day or being a calm and serene bride or bridegroom. Preparing for your big day can be a huge time commitment from booking vendors to choosing the tiniest element of the décor. Couples often underestimate the time andContinue reading “Do You Really Need A Wedding Coordinator?”

4 Ways A Photo Booth Can Completely Transform Your Event

While an event may last for just a few hours, you can keep those memories with you much longer. While there are many opportunities to create magical moments at your event, nothing can raise and create excitement like a photo booth. Think of it as an interactive platform for picture-taking that elevates the experience beyondContinue reading “4 Ways A Photo Booth Can Completely Transform Your Event”