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Wedding Coordinator Tips - Toast EntertainmentToast Entertainment

Wedding Coordinator Tips

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. As a wedding coordinator I know, like most brides do, there are not only small details but tiny details, details you have never even thought about. Don’t sweat it, Toast Entertainment’s Coordinators have got you covered. Here are some often forgotten details to assist you in your planning:


1. A frequent question I am asked as guests begin arriving to a wedding ceremony, “Is there anything to drink?” Everyone is a little parched when they arrive, and many have driven quite a distance to see you tie the knot.  If you don’t provide water or other thirst quenching beverages upon their arrival they won’t be able to get a drink until after the ceremony and at an outdoor Texas wedding this could be torture.  There should also be a plan to keep water and other non-alcoholic beverages available throughout your reception for kids, friends who are expecting, and guests that do not drink.


2. I have seen some super cool and creative ways to have guests sign in at weddings like globes, Jenga blocks, Polaroids, wine bottles, just to name a few. But no matter how awesome the idea is it doesn’t go over well with guests if you don’t have the proper pens, so don’t forget the sharpies!


3. Evenings at an outdoor Texas wedding are magical. The bugs however, are not. Do your guests a favor and provide insect repellent in the restrooms to keep them dancing the night away, itch free.


4. Wedding cakes are delicious, cupcakes are scrumptious and dessert tables are heaven. Whatever type of heavenly dessert you provide guests to indulge in, forks, napkins, and plates are always needed and often forgotten. Not all caterers provide this service so make sure to have a plan if they don’t.


5. When allowed, a sparkler sendoff is such a romantic way to end a perfect day. So make sure to buy the 36in. sparklers to allot for enough time to run through your light show. You can even spring for smokeless sparklers for perfect pictures. And most importantly provide guests with long neck lighters to light them. You will find yourself anxiously waiting to start your honeymoon if you give your guests Bics to light these massive sparklers.

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