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Here at Toast Entertainment our music playlists are something we take a lot of time to work on and we want to pass our expert knowledge on to you! As an Entertainment company we come across many different tastes in music. We have to learn what’s going to work to insure the night is filled with dancing for a different crowd every weekend! Over the years we have developed tons of playlists to help our fellow DJ’s succeed! Here is just a few of the best playlists that we personally sampled and selected. We are committed to bringing you even more playlists in the future that will help you rock the party, set the mood, and even expand your musical taste! We hope you enjoy!

* If you DON”T see the music you are looking for, Don’t worry, we have a bottomless playlist, as long as you can find the song on iTunes or Amazon there is no problem for us to acquire the song for your special day!! *

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Best of the 70’s                                  Best of the 80’s

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    HALLOWEEN                           THANKSGIVING & CHRISTMAS

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