Lighting Options

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Uplighting is a technique used in lighting design to enhance the atmosphere for your wedding reception. Toast Entertainment takes an ordinary reception room and makes it amazing with the use of our newest led lighting. The color of the lights are totally up to you! We can create any color to match your theme and create a sophisticated, elegant, and unique atmosphere that will blow you and your guest away as soon as you enter.

Custom Gobo/Monogram

Get your name in lights just the way you want it! On your big day, project your names, in the style you want, anywhere near or in the venue for your event. A gobo monogram definitely provides a “wow”factor at your wedding for your guest!IMG_0786


Effects lighting creates a positive atmosphere and adds excitement to an event. Club and dance lighting
will loosen up your guest and encourage more dancing!! Toast Entertainment offers a complete light package that guarantees to add feet to the dance floor and fun for everyone!

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