Day of Coordination

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Managed Events Include:


  • Initial phone-based Intake Interview

  • Referrals from our robust Vendor Network

  • Initial Face-to-Face —  8-10 weeks prior to event

  • Venue Tour — 4-6 weeks prior to event

  • Finishing Touches (Follow up Via Email & Phone) — 2-4 weeks prior to event

    • Finalize Layout, Checklist, & Timeline

    • Contact all vendors to confirm details (arrivals, needs, etc.)

  • Rehearsal Dinner Coverage — 1 Hour

  • Day Of Coverage — 8 Hours

    • Oversight of event staff setup & breakdown

    • Manage ceremony & reception flow

  • Assistant Coordinator

Toast Entertainment elevates Event Management. We understand that your event is extremely important and we provide experienced, professional guidance to ensure that every detail is covered.  We aim to ease the stress of the event and free you up to enjoy the fun.

Our Event Management ensures supreme event quality with dependable guidance throughout.  You are entitled to an experience that helps control cost and planning miscues — our event managers will be there to deliver.

Upon initial Intake Interview, your event manager will cover expectations, vendor referrals, Timeline, Layout, Checklist, and your overall vision for the event.  

 During the Initial Face-to-Face your event manager will discuss vendor contact info and arrival times, progress check the Layout and Timeline, and cover any remaining event details.

 The Venue Tour allows your event manager to get a full-scope understanding of your vision for the big event, as you guide them through your venue!

 To wrap everything nicely, the Finishing Touches allow the event manager to cover last minute details and discuss  any changes  or previously unforeseen issues that may arise.

The Rehearsal Dinner can prove vital to the success of any event — that’s why it’s a “rehearsal”!  Your event manager will help coordinate & organize, as well as attend,  a 1 hour rehearsal dinner making sure everyone is ready for the big event!

On the Day Of the event, your event manager will actively manage your Timeline, overseeing the arrival and progress of all event vendors, giving a central point of leadership for the event.  Managing both the flow and details of the day (from ceremony through break-down of reception), your event manager will be there to produce the event you planned.

Additionally, all event managers bring along an Assistant Coordinator whose sole purpose is contingency plans and details.  Any “go-fer” tasks, or small details that were left unattended?  That’s why the assistance comes in handy!  Nothing promotes success like preparation, and safety nets assure results.

Our event managers take pride in creating masterful events.  We strive to provide world-class service in all we do and it shows!

* Most people find 8 hours of event coverage ideal for most events; but, if  your event needs more, it’s merely $195 an hour after the initial 8 hour coverage.




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