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5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Reception Even More Fun - Toast EntertainmentToast Entertainment

5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Reception Even More Fun

This is a list of 5 exciting ideas that can help make any wedding or big event more fun and entertaining for you and your guests. The best advice I can give any Bride & Groom is to know your crowd. If you know that you have a lot of friends and family that love to dance then 3-4 hours of dance time might be perfect for your crowd. However if you think you may not have a huge “dancing crowd” and 3+ hours may be too much then this is definitely  the list for you! Listed below are just a few things you can do to enhance the amount of fun for the evening. If planned correctly these great ideas can still allow for a good hour or two of dance time and your party will end with everyone wanting more! You want people to remember your wedding as a night they wished would never end, instead of one that perhaps went on too long.



1. Camera Games: I Spy

This is a really fun way to get even more photos from your wedding. Simply ask your guests to take a picture with their digital device or smart phones to help capture special moments throughout the evening. Be sure to add a #hashtag so that they have a place to view and share the uploaded photos with everyone! If you want to add to the fun, make it into a contest complete with prizes! There’s many other fun and interesting things you can do with your smart phones; I Spy, Provide Selfie Sticks, and have guests #hastag all their photos.



2. Table Top Games: Guess Who

Not only is this a fun idea for all ages but it’s also a great way to help your guests get to know more about each other! They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words and in a personalized game of Guess Who this is especially true. If the players already know the guests featured on the boards it’s even more fun when personal questions can be asked! Create a personal board with pictures of  your friends and family or even yourselves. You can create a mini set for each table or just a few for those interested in playing. There are many other table top games you can play; Questionnaire Booklet (different  question for each table), Mad Libs,  Anniversary Booklet, or even fun Board Games as center pieces.



3. Yard Games: Giant Jenga

Lawn games like GIANT Jenga or Corenhole can really help add to the excitement! There are so many great yard games but just to name a few; Cornehole, Giant Jenga, Horse shoes, Washers, Over-sized Connect 4,  Croquet, Beer Pong, Ring Toss, & Bolo Toss.



4. Video Games: Rock Band

Now I know this may sound crazy to some but you really need to know your crowd. Video games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero can be very  fun sociable games! It can completely replace the need for karaoke and even add more entertainment for those who don’t like to sing or dance. Now with newer gaming consoles dropping their prices the 360 and ps3 are cheaper than ever! Other games that could be fun; Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution, Rap Star, or even games like Mario Kart, Smash Brothers, Mario Party, and any large multiplayer that fit’s your personal style, all you will need then is a good and big gaming monitor to supply your crowd you can use a list of the top monitors for gaming with to be ready.



5. Group Games: The Shoely Wed

This one is my personal favorite! This game is a lot of fun for the whole party and if you happen to be worried about your dance crowd this is a great way to fill some time!  This game is hilarious and helps your guests get to know more about you and your fiance . The bride & groom will be placed in the center of the room, back to back. Each holding in one hand the brides heel and in the other the grooms shoe. (Note* you can use any two items that clearly depict and resembles each other, such as a state or countries flag, or even a video game controller and a hair dryer, be creative!)  Then the host of the evening will have a series of questions put together by the maid of honor and best man. Be sure the bride & groom don’t see any of the questions to help make for the best reaction! After each question the bride and groom will hold up the item they think best represents the person in the statement. There are plenty of other fun group games; Shoely Wed, Musical Chairs, Stand Up Sit Down, and the smart phone app Heads Up or better known as Fish Bowl.

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